Monday, June 23, 2008


We're doing some interesting things in art class. I'm thinking of getting a small sketch book to carry around with me. We used erasers today! That's a big deal. My former art teacher wouldn't allow erasing at all. Next week we may even get to use some color charcoal. Wooooo.

I seem to have difficulty getting heads and feet in proportion to bodies. I make them too small (the heads and feet).

I'm still pretty amazed by how a little instruction can make a huge difference in what a person can accomplish artistically.

Ate breakfast this morning out under the pergola. I like it!

I've found someone to feed my fish and kitties while I'm gone. BIG relief. My goldfish are pretty big now and I don't want to overly stress them. They have to be fed daily.

Maybe tomorrow I can work on my next flower bed. I need to shovel up some grass before I put in the Miracle Gro (tm) dirt. I already have some flowers to put in the bed.

Leslie, I got the post card today! I bet the cats were cool. Manx cats have the SOFTEST fur.

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Anonymous said...

How about that for late vacation postcards? I'm just glad I finally found them-- the cats were amazing and EVERYWHERE.
I'm excited for your upcoming cruise! Our neighbors went on a Carnival cruise in Feb. and LOVED it, they would go again tomorrow if they could. They highly recommend getting a room with a little balcony-- they said it wasn't that much more and was much more roomy and open-- no claustrophobia!
Your pergola sounds great, enjoy your special place in the shade and have a peaceful Tuesday!
Love from Leslie