Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tired & Laryngitis Today

Today I stopped sounding like Minni Mouse and was reduced to a whisper at top scream. I saw the dentist, and have an appointment to get things fixed in about two weeks. Turns out that the dry mouth issue from chemo caused some cavities in the front of my mouth to develop, probably due to so much mouth breathing and lots of apathy and apparently lapses in dental hygiene. So he'll fix things, and all will be well again.

I'm starting to hear a little better, and I can tell the antibiotics are working because although I'm tired (perhaps justifiably so), I'm feeling a little bit better.

I bought a chaise lounge today and have already given it a test nap. Highly recommend it.

I found a place that has about 8 ft. tall dogwood trees for $49 ea. I'm thinking that one on either side of my front "lawn" would look pretty. There would then be two less bald spots in the front. I want to put them in raised beds though and that means castle rock, and that means bucks, bucks, bucks. Have to think about that some more. I wonder if anyone would freecycle some used brick to me? Hmmmmm.

Tomorrow Jewel and I have two doc appointments in Carrollton. The whole rotator cuff issue has improved about 70 percent, but I'm rather hoping I can be tortured for another few weeks and regain 100% use of the arm. I'm afraid I'm too much of a wuss to "stretch" my arm so forcefully and to such painful extremes that the physical therapist does. I'd prefer she torture me.

Gas today: $3.95 / gallon. I don't get it. The petroleum barrel price is going up, but that petroleum won't be refined and sold as gasoline for several more weeks. The top six gas companies posted earning of $36 BILLION dollars last quarter. Why is it that the price goes up one day on the stock market, and the next day the pump prices go up? The gas IN the tanks was bought at one price, and then the jack the price and sell it for more. I'm trying to pay off my truck quickly so that when it's paid for, the price of gas won't be taking so much of my income. I know everyone is in a jam about gas, and that we Americans are just now feeling the pinch that Europe has had for a decade now. But it's illogical and it makes me want to build a still or something!

Have a great evening!

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