Friday, May 02, 2008

I Promised Pictures -- Here They Come!

OK, first let me tell you about the boobs. They come first since they are the initial reason for this blog!

My new boobs have their own little beds. When I go to bed at night they have their own little bed to go to. One is a 10, and one is an 11 (I hope they aren't jealous of one another.). They both have their own little bed to go to at night.

Here is one of the girl's (Which, by the way, is a state-of-the art, cool boob. The clear silicone inset you see, takes the spot where the manufacturer formerly put a kind of cooler, cotton-looking inset that was velcroed onto the skin-toned prosthetic and is supposed to make it cooler to the skin. I had thought I would get those, as I often feel too hot, but I figured since I don't get to get but one set of "girls" every two years, I ought to go with the newest, most technologically advanced boobs. So here is one being put to bed.

Pulling the covers over the boob as it goes to bed.

Now it's all done for the day and tucked in.

They take a shower when I take a shower. The new bra that holds them will take some adjustment to get used to. It crosses over where my drains were and that is some SENSITIVE skin. There are also two little skin protrusions (one on each side of me) that are very sensitive. One goes into the bra easily, the other one is located just at a spot where the bra often goes under it and then it gets pinched and HURTS. It's bothersome and painful. So, while my profile looks more normal, it's actually a little on the painful side. But I'm happy to have these new "girls."

V. was so kind to me yesterday as I made final selections and tried on this style and compared it with that style. I'm telling you, I had no idea whatsoever that such details were so complicated! They have two big advantages over the foamy temporary boobs. Because they are weighted, I return to a more normal posture. The other is that because they are weighted, they don't creep up, up, up my chest until I feel like I'm wearing a boob scarf around my neck! That is a big advantage! V. treats every client / patient like they are Jackie Onassis though, and I left the building with two lovely bags holding all my new paraphernalia, while surrounded with lovely pink tissue paper and tied up in custom-looking ribbons. It was like leaving Tiffany's with the signature teal box with a white ribbon bow. My "jewelry" will be worn everyday though, and I was certainly accorded the same service one gets when shopping at Tiffany's.
Now for other pictures. I took some shots of my new fence and the outdoor "room" that it creates.
This is the rear of my townhome. Of course the truck is my set of wheels. You can't see it from this shot, but there is a leg of fencing that runs back a bit from the sidewalk and affords me a little more privacy. I'm not sure what it says about me, presently, that I'm literally building walls around me, but I like my new fence. It's white cedar, smells good, and I think it looks sharp.

Here is a closer look.

I had to take all the cushions off and put them away because it's scheduled to rain soon. But this is my new outdoor "room" that the new fence made. I love it so much. I know it will be hot soon, but I'm hoping to get a fan installed and a little water feature to help replace the noise of local lawn mowers and barking dogs with the soothing sounds of water. It'll be a recirculating pump so don't think I'm squandering water during the draught.

This will be my little, special, outdoor oasis. I've got a fellow coming soon to give me an estimate for staining the fence and doing some other work around the place. I'm excited because I might just get my bedroom painted, finally! I've had the paint for a year, but for various reasons (like I can't move furniture or I've been in chemo) it hasn't happened. I'm excited.

N. in TN, thank you so very much for sponsoring Jenn for some milage in the 3-day. That's a very kind and generous thing. You're such a great friend. Just to see how crazy I am about helping Jenn, you can see in this picture, that I've "decorated" the tailgate of the pick-up with an advertisement for her web page. As I drive around town, I'm advertising.


Watercolor said...

wooohooo! all sorts of fun things this week!

Anonymous said...

I would never have known that those were the girls if you hadn't told me. They don't look like I would have imagined them to look. Love your new back patio/ enclosure. It looks really spiffy. A re-circulating fountain would be just the thing. Enjoy!


dgray1130 said...

Lots of wonderful things happening this week. Enjoy! The girls are home now. You can relax and just be anne. You are a wonderful inspiration to us all. Love ya Diane

Anonymous said...

You are such am inspiration! Now I am going to have to get off my duff & finish the potting project that took over the dining room many moons ago. Loved reading the Melbourne posts ~ sounds like same wonderful place I lived & taught 1973-76. Weren't many shells then, but very sad to hear the wonderful little crabs are gone. That happened to my home Swamp in St Bernard LA during Katrina ~ creatures gone, the coast a mess, barrier islands washed away.
Glad you had such a great trip & the new girls sound wonderful! I have those odd drain 'tags' too, mine are 7 now, much less sensitive as time goes by
Judy w TBI

Amber said...

Fence looks great. Girls look, well, interesting. :) Glad to hear about the progress!

Calypso said...

Perhaps a "too" personal question here, they have nipples?

Great patio though, looks comfy!