Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rainy Day in Georgia

Late this PM it finally cleared off but was cold and crisp. I got this video in my IN box. I had heard about this development but not seen it. This video shows that Jewel has developed REAL talent. She was on her tummy, but you can see her making it to her back. What an accomplishment!

Not only that, but despite the fact that I have the family sore throat, unless I'm dead tomorrow, I'm taking Liam to church because for once, he asked if he could go? Wow! I don't quite know what piqued his interest but I'll accept it!

This morning I got the "girls" out of bed, put them in their respective bra pockets, and hoisted them on. They are surprisingly realistic looking, I think.

So here is the front side of the new-improved "girls."

And me putting one into the special little pocket in their special bra.

And the final effect.

I know in this shot they look huge, but I'm not Tinkerbell to begin with, and anything smaller doesn't look proportional. These are actually smaller than my original, manufacturer's design equipment. Lord, if we could just remove the several chins I have in this shot, I could have had at least one boob reconstruction from just that!

I kind of view getting the prosthetics like commencement to the next stage of my life after treating breast cancer. I actually hope that there are no new developments on my personal cancer front. I'm working on going to a conference about my kind of breast cancer later this month. I still can't learn too much. It's in downtown Atlanta. I think I can probably drive in for the conference, but it's an all day thing. So, I'm considering just staying at the hotel that night because I don't suspect I can drive home after doing all that. I'll have to give it more thought.

I am not my cancer, but there is no question that it will always be a worry at the back of my mind. If there are any new treatments, I want to explore them as a possibility. These are the people on the forefront of the field of triple negative breast cancer.


dgray1130 said...

Ann, What a beautiful baby. Brought a smile to my face! Hip hip hurrah for Liam. You go girl. The girls look totally natural. You are an amazing woman! I"m so very proud of you.
Love and hugs,

Susan said...

You are so brave to share this experience with all of us!

"I am not my cancer, but..." says a lot. I cannot imagine the life-changing experience you have been through.