Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big Doings

OK, today was notible on two accounts. 1) I got my new fence put up to make a bit of an outside "room" for me to have some privacy but in an attractive way. 2) I got my new boobs today.

The fence people arrived at 9:30 and were out of here by 12:30. It was three guys that worked HARD but as a team and they had it up in quick-time and that was with them having to make three holes in the concrete drive! Evidentally the neighborhood noticed because the kids have already come by and snickered about the three Mexicans. I told them I didn't know where they were from, it might have been El Salvadore or Honduras (and in fact their accent was so thick and they spoke so fast, I suspect they are not Mexican). It makes me sad though, that these children in the neighborhood are already picking up on the disrespectful attitudes of others who view people who are not from here, as someone who is less worthy. That makes me feel really sad. These guys worked HARD and they did quality work. They deserve respect.

Going to the Women's Boutique today I was able to pick up my breast prostheses. They certainly make my clothing fit much, much better. It was a dizzing hour or so of trying this, that and the other bra and prosthethics on. I have a special bra that holds the prosthetics and a set of "girls" now. Another bra is on order in my size. After I get a chance to evaluate which style fits the best while wearing it over time, then I'll be able to get some more bras.

To L: I found the other sock when I unpacked today!!! It was hiding in my suitcase all along!

All this activity has me tired out for the day. I'll post some pix soon, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

So funny, Ann!
I tried to take that middle part out of the washer to see where all the missing socks are going (Marc and I are still missing one sock each)-- so glad that you found yours!
Happy to hear that your fence and new boobs are in place now--
Hope you have a great sleep tonight!
Love from Leslie