Monday, May 19, 2008

Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat

OK, last week my eyes were infected. This week my ears are all clogged up. The clogged up ears cause drainage that causes me to have a sore throat. I'm almost over the cold but in the AM when I get up, I sould like a 75 year old man in a nursing home for about 30 minutes. Hopefully THAT will clear up shortly!

I'm pretty grumpy because so many things aren't right. However --- I have an appointment with my internist tomorrow. He understands me. I'm hoping we can work through all this stuff. I'm leary of antibiotics right now after FIVE episodes of thrush. I don't know how this will work out, but I have confidence in my doc. Maybe he can even get my iron up without having to take Fe orally. Hate, hate, hate how that stuff makes me feel. Ptue! Pttttt! Ptttt!!! Indigestion! Ick.

So, with any luck in a few days I'll feel better, and I'll hear better. Right now my ears are so blocked up I can't hear my grandson at all.

I'm also grumpy about weight "loss" this week. Evidentally just ONE cheeseburger mucked up my whole weight loss program. It's very discouraging.

This Monday was the last EfM meeting for me. Graduation from EfM is next Monday. I'm rather proud of myself for lasting all four years! Every year of EfM has had a special group, but this year has been particularly interesting and had a fun dynamic.

I'm off to figure out something to do with my bed, as I just spilled a whole glass of water in it.

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