Sunday, May 18, 2008

Incredible Stuff

OK this picture tells you without words why I do not think I was in Buckhead. If you can see this much of the Atlanta skyline, you are LOOKING at Buckhead not in it! This was taken from my room on the 22nd floor of the super elegant, very fancy schmancy JW Marriott. It cost $26 to have the valet park my car! Jeeeezzzz. But it was worth it becase after driving to Atlanta and being up and alert all day (no nap!) on Friday, I was really, really ready to hit the bed.

Speaking of the bed, it was this lovely king size thing with LOTS of pillows for the old girl to move aound and find a comfy spot to sleep. You can see my room service tray here. It was just a burger, but it was a GOOD burger and it was swell having it brought up to my room.

It doesn't take much to dazzle me anymore!

Folks have asked for pix of my new "outdoor room" that I've been working on. So here goes.

There's a few before the computer has a nervous breakdown. I'll put some more up later. For right now, you can get a feel for what things might look like.

Now go out and get your 15 minutes of vitamin D3 today. It's a very good cancer fighting thing you can do for FREE. Just 15 minutes now. No more. Don't want to be courting the bad UVB rays for too long and end up with skin cancer later.


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Calypso said...

looks like you were in the Perimeter area, Roswell?