Friday, April 04, 2008

Yoga Friday -- Laying Low

I went to yoga today for the first time in weeks! If I haven't been going to get drained, then the yoga instructor has been off, or I've been sick or just stuff. So today was a not-so-easy-yoga session. Between my arthritis and general grumpiness, I was ready to cry and go home about 20 minutes into yoga, convinced that I was a big wuss. Then, I just decided that it was my attitude and I could change it if I chose to. So I started smiling (like a fool) with the objective that if you smile sometimes you finally get to feeling less burdened. Then we got into a discussion about finding the "delight" in the yoga instead of the pain, and I got tickeled, and just kept chuckling every time I found more "delight." I made it through the whole session.

After yoga I ran by the mobile vet clinic and paid for a kitty that my next door neighbor and I are co-owning. She is a sweet little black kitty that unfortunately was knocked-up by the time we decided she was old enough to get spayed. She is now recooperating over at the neighbor's house and in a few days will feel perky again and if she can stay away from the roads around here, she'll have worked a good deal between the two of us. Her name is Thelma. She came up to my door around Christmas and I'd been calling her Christmas, but Thelma makes more sense. In my experience, kitties get over their operations quicker than people ever thought of doing. I hope she does too.

Eric saw the hand specialist today, and it turns out that he recommended no surgery or "setting" or any kind of repair. He taped his ring finger to the little finger to stabilize it and put on an air splint, and told him to come back in a week. Eric says it's already feeling better, and that he's a lot more relieved to know he doesn't have to face surgery next week!

After yoga today, I went home to rest. I WAY overdid things yesterday. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except I stretched things pretty far the day before. So today I had to rest or I'd have fallen apart. I took some beads that I'd bought a long time ago and made them into jewelry. I'm very pleased with my new earrings. :) Between yoga and making jewelry that's all I've been able to handle today.

I hope you and all those you love are well today.


Anonymous said...

yrGirl, you do more in a little time than well people do and then you sound as if you are apologizing. You are an inspiration! Just stay dry, it's storming here, cozy and snuggle with you cats. Love. Randy

Susan said...

Your ability to turn pain into laughter is indeed inspiring! Keep up the good work, take it easy. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on losing nearly 4 pounds, Ann, that's really something in just a week!
Sure hope the yoga helped stretch out some of your soreness-- glad you will be calling the ortho guy tomorrow, that pain and CRACKING must be driving you crazy!
Hope your sleep tonight is peaceful--
Love from Leslie