Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weight Watchers -- One Week Later

OK, so I joined WW for the first time in about 25 years. The last time I was in WW I had to be OBSESSED with food in order to lose any weight. I did it religiously for 6 months with less than spectacular results. This week I weighed in and had lost 3.6 pounds. And...I had cheated and eaten some things definitely NOT on the points list. We'll see if it continues or not. I'm generally not very optimistic about changing my body due to numerous failures in the past.

I'm not a totally happy camper today. I woke up this morning with an acute arthritic event. My back, feet and hands are all very sore and painful. Some joints are so incredibly sensitive! I'm hoping it will remit soon. I also have problems with my left shoulder. It's hurting and definitely OUT. I'm beginning to think I need to make an appointment with the ortho I saw before my surgery. Tonight, while resting, I heard a BIG CRACK again, and some of the stress and pain I was feeling diminished. I have no idea what's happening with this joint.

As if that wasn'tenough, it appears that getting a cold this past week lowered my immune system enough AGAIN, that I have thrush. I've done difulucan, nystatin, AND magic. It keeps coming back. I think, "By NOW my immune system must be getting more healthy." Clearly it's still fragile though.

Biofreeze (super Bengay-type stuff), asprin, and rest are my friends at this point.

It's chilly today, after a wonderful, sunny day yesterday. (No wonder I have a cold.) Tomorrow we are told to expect very nasty thunder and rainshowers. So much for getting to enjoy my outdoor furniture!

It's very uncomfortable to be in my skin presently. I did a little clothing shopping today. I don't get into D'ville often and so I had the opportunity to go the the local fat lady clothing store, and look for a few things that work with this refurbished body. Boobs make clothing fit better. Not having boob makes clothing fit weird, lay weird, look weird, and I have to be very conscious of how low any neckline is because I'm figuring most people aren't interested in seeing (a) my fake boobies, or (b) my scars. So, I'm having to rework my wardrobe a bit and get some different styles of clothing that accommodate this body. I can't get the REALLY good fake boobies until all my fluid has been absorbed on the right side. I'm still making do with foam fake boobies that are just lightweight pieces of foam held in a bra-like holder. Unfortunately without any weight to hold them down, they tend to creep upward, more upward, a little more upward -- until I'm feeling like I have a strange buldging neck scarf instead of fake boobs. These foam boobs also are too small and are not in proportion with my body size. The sillouette just isn't "right." Maybe my visual esthetic is such that I'm just used to seeing myself in a certain size, but I'm thinking the really good boobies just have to be bigger in order to get the right sillouette and have my clothing fit right. I don't much care about esthetic nor am I attempting to disguise the fact that I don't have boobs of my own anymore. Getting replacements allows things to look more nature and to fit better. Ugg, I think I might be rambling.

Eric see's the ortho tomorrow for his hand. I'm going to try and go to yoga. I did TOO much today, so yoga is IT for me tomorrow. I need to rest some.

I hope you and those you love are well.

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Susan said...

Congrats on the WW 3.6 pounds! That is a great accomplishment!

visualization works great, just think of a 3# can of Crisco.

You continue to amaze, is there nothing you can't do?