Saturday, April 05, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Jewel's christening. Lots of excitement. Lots of getting ready. Jewel will be wearing a gown that is a family heirloom. The last time it had pink ribbon on it was for my christening in 1952.

Today I did Betty's shopping and had lunch with a long time friend. It was good to get together and just laugh and eat and talk. I got very tired after just these two things though. I continue to be frustrated by my lack of endurance. I blew out most of my energy on Wednesday and am having a hard time coming back. And I was beginning to feel optimistic about how my energy was "coming back." Bah!

There is a new link up on the right hand side that takes you to Jenn's official web page for the Atlanta 3-day. Should you be inclined to donate to her fund-raising I know she will appareciate it, and so will I. The support group I attend has applied to Susan G. Komen for a grant to have a cancer rehab center (much like hospitals have cardic rehab centers) so that folks in the process of treatment, and maybe a little shy about their bodies, would have a safe place to exercise. I hope the grant gets funded. But it shows how Komen money comes to our communities.

Arthritis, my arm (cracking like popcorn) and general grumpiness at all the aches and pains I have presently is definitely a happening thing.


Calypso said...

I am sorry you are still feeling rough, the weather sure isn't helping, huh.
Please post pictures of the Christening, how wonderful!
I just donated a small amount to Jenn's Walk for the Cure, can't afford more, but every little bit helps. You are very lucky to have her, Ann, she is one amazing lady!!!
Hope the sun will come out today, it will warm yer bones and make you feel better. :>)

Watercolor said...

So glad you posted the link to your daughter's walk fundraiser site. Hope the little bit helps.