Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why does god allow suffering?

Well according to the literature from the 7th Day Adventists, it appears that suffering is a direct result of Satan's influence on earth. There are some other theological gymnastics in the literature, but ultimately after reading what was in the church booklet I see why the lady yesterday could jump around from god, to satan and back to human failure. It still irks me that people can just look at me, see a vulnerable person, and then they feel some burden to try and say something helpful. The question is, is it helpful to me or something that makes them feel better? I think it makes the other person feel better to say something they have been taught is a solution -- they view that as being helpful. Unfortunately for those of us that look different enough in our appearance so that others know we have misfortune in our lives, we get to hear a lot of different people's offerings of "help." Some is congruent with our own thinking. Some is kind empathy. Occasionally someone can offer sympathy. And in extraordinary situations, we get the odd ball that has to "grace" us with some goofy insinuation that makes me want to reach out, grab their neck and squeeze them like a katsup bottle that won't let the katsup out! Now, not normally being a homicidal person, it takes a lot to get my ire up to that point. I respect the earnestness of the offering from the other person. I am just not always in a generous spirit myself to put up with it. It is not my job to make YOU feel better (whoever YOU happens to be at that moment). Frankly I have no need to explain why I have cancer. The fact that you do, is your problem. 7th Day Adventist lady clearly put her foot straight into a pile of shit she didn't know what to do with once it was all over her. She wanted to be helpful. She was offering up a theology that she hadn't thought out, just spouted. When she realized that her unthinking words had clearly put her in the crapper, she reached out for the definitive word from her church in their literature. She was caught with her ignorance and uncertainty about the right way to think, and "right" was the way the church interpreted it. She shared of her own resources, and I think she was trying hard to be helpful. But, after reading the church view on "Why does god allow suffering?" I'm convinced I'll never have to worry about me joining the 7th Day Adventists! I wish her peace, I wish her enlightenment, I wish her to never cross my path again. I'll be glad when my hair grows out enough so that I'm not an advertisement for the gift of pity.

The above picture shows how much hair I've managed to push out in the last three months. Initially I thought I'd end up being all grey. But the grey hairs appeared first, and then the darker hair came in. At this point it looks like I'm getting my original dark brunette hair back.

Clearly this hairdo is the problem that attracts the attention of folks. I'll be glad when it's lengthy enough to make a real style instead of just being grateful for the stubble that I have.

Lastly, while marital accord isn't always a "given" around here in the cat world, I caught this picture of Chelsea sleeping. She was using Romeo's body for her "pillow" and it just looked so sweet I thought I'd share.

Tomorrow is a big day! I get measured for my new "girls." They'll be mine because my insurance bought them!


Johnny Workentine said...

It helps people to repent:

Joann said...

I let your literature stand on it's own "merit," whoever you are.

Calypso said...

I for one am not at all worried about you Ann.
You are one of the most sensible women I have had the grace to meet, albeit in this cyber way.
It's refreshing to hear you verbalize your outrage and your kindness to this person at the same time.
Now THAT's what I call a true spiritual person!
You go girl!
Your smile tells the world that you are not going to take any crap from anything or anyone.

Good luck with the boob fitting today. What joy it must be to be able to look forward to getting your shape back!

Have a wonderful day, Ann!

Amber said...

I guess everyone is entitled to their beliefs, no matter how misguided we feel they are. Free country and all... But JW has some pretty poor taste to blatantly accuse someone he's never met of sinning. A passage about splinters and motes comes to mind, JW, and it would do you well to re-read it and remember that "God don't like ugly."

Here's my take on it. Most people who distribute literature like that have not had a single self-originated thought on the matter. Not a single one. They just blindly believe what others have told them. They listen to whoever their spiritual "leader" is and follow their words. Hopefully, but not likely, an epiphany will occur that leads them to an actual, self-originated thought on their spiritual beliefs so that they can have their own beliefs instead of living with someone else's for the rest of their life. We can only pray... well, and mutter under our breath as they walk away, all the while trying to convince ourself to refrain from running them over with our truck. But I wouldn't want to hurt my truck. ;)

Anonymous said...

that's my girl! You give them heck. I do believe that post cancer you might have simply listened, took the stuff, and tossed it. Now you don't have to take mo crap from anyone. You have your battle scars....excuse me your road map of the Wall of China. Get them girls! May they be perky ones!!! Randy