Saturday, April 19, 2008

Neighborhood Yard Sale

Well, some folks bought tiles. Most got earrings. I probably made $35 or so, but it was a LOT of work in order to sell so few items. I'm torn between attempting to sell them, and just donating the money I've spent on supplies to Jenn. I think I'll try opening an e-bay "store" and see if they sell that way. I came home from the yard sale and was just totally wiped out from some previously busy days. I slept for about five hours, and I think I won't have trouble sleeping tonight. It's been a while since I got so tired that I'd "nap" for five hours straight. It encourages me that I was tired like that today, but that for about the last two weeks, I've actually been pretty perky. Not back to normal, but doing better for sure.

It was cold and misty, sometimes rainy this morning. Surprisingly most of the people who did the sale today were middle aged or older folks. Not too many younger folks.

One lady TICKED me off ROYALLY. She was distributing 7th Day Adventists literature, which is find with me because their faith requires that they do that. I have never been irritated or upset with them for doing what their faith requires. This lady, however, decided to tell me a bunch of stuff about suffering and cancer and how it was a pestilence of the end times, and that it was part of god's message. I flat out told her that I didn't believe god gave me cancer. So then she changed her tactic and said that Satan was working among us. Now it's a stretch to go from god to Satan in one sentence. I flat out told her I didn't think that this was the work of some unwholesome spirit. I said it was the result of being around DDT when we thought it was our saviour from mosquitoes, eating hormone-filled beef, and who knows what other kinds of toxins I've been exposed to over a lifetime. I don't think cancer is some punishment or part of god's scheme for me. I think I'm just as "lucky" or "unlucky" as any poor sap that gets cancer and that it's just a result of LIVING. You're alive, you're just as likely to get cancer as any other person. The audacity of anyone pretending to speak for god or for Satan just IRKS THE HELL OUT OF ME. I'm gracious enough to grant her grace because she's IGNORANT. She brought me a booklet with some literature from the church that explains "Why is there suffering?" Indeed she knew she'd stumbled over herself and brought the church's word on the source of suffering. I haven't bothered to look at it. Amazing the audacity of some people. How presumptuous to imagine you can speak for god. Grrrrrr.

Other than that, it was a fine day. Watching a Harry Potter film and then going to bed. I'm glad I've done the EfM study to know just how ignorant this woman was in her haughty pronouncements or I'd be ANGRY at her. I'm just short of that. Prize of the day: bought a BEACH book to read while I'm gone next week. I'm so excited that I'm going to the beach. I want to bring home a suitcase full of seashells!


Anonymous said...

Ok kiddo, I want to buy some earrings. So how much? What colors? Anyway, I want some original stuff and you are definitely one of the originals. Love, Randy

Watercolor said...

Too bad you didn't have any TEC stuff to give her, heh.