Monday, April 21, 2008


Who knew it was so incredibly complicated to get fitted for new boobs?! I bet I tried on 10 bras with various merits, and tried several sizes of boobies to determine which gave me the most balanced and symmetrical look. To make things more "interesting" it appears that I have more tissue remaining on one side than I do on the other side, so I have one side that's a 10 and one side that's an 11. I could go as large as a 12, but I think that's over and above what is needed. It's very bazaar to me how they size these things.

I feel like this is a commencement -- like a graduation ceremony. So I brought goodies to share with my daughter and a friend, M, and the specialist fitter. We each got boa's, presents, and we had sweets from a local bakery, and sparkling grape juice. (I didn't want to get V. in trouble at work by bringing in a real alcoholic beverage -- besides my pancreas isn't supposed to have any.) V. is going to order some more boobies and some more bras for me to try. Whatever I pick has to be what I live with for the next two years. Insurance only covers you getting a new pair every two years. And given that each boob costs about $300, I can't say I blame them.

I tried on the "cool boobs" today. Prior to surgery I got very hot very easily. My temperature has been more "normal" since they took the boobs off me. Perhaps they were heaters and I never knew it. But putting on these appliances, I don't want to re-create the situation for feeling too hot all the time. The prostheses that I tried on have a special "cooling pad" that are supposed to prevent the wearer from getting too hot and perspiry. I'm going to try some other kinds next week, after I get back. I'm so appreciative to V. for taking so much time and working so hard to find just the right size prosthetic and just the right fit of bra. I was actually quite impressed at the stock they had in my sizes. When you come in the "large economy size" you're pretty used to having to make do with a small selection. The kind of personal service where items are ordered for potential approval, is unknown in my universe. I'm sure that if your last name is Bush, Clinton or Gates you're used to getting that kind of service, but this common woman isn't used to that level of service.

Interestingly my insurance SAYS there is no limit on the number of garments and prosthetics I get, but in practice they actually do have a limit. I'm pretty certain there isn't a bra around that can stand up to two years worth of continuous service though. Us ladies like to have different colors of bras depending on what garment we're wearing and such. However when bra's cost $100 each, it makes one pause. No more running over to Wal-mart to pick up a new "Just My Size" bra.

Have to get up early tomorrow for the cleaning goddess. Must close my eyes for a while. It's been along while now being all weird and without breasts, but in another week or two, it appears that I'll have a more normal profile. I'm looking forward to it.

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