Wednesday, April 02, 2008

24 Hours in the Life of My Daughter

Jeeezzzzzz. After work yesterday I met Jenn and Eric and Liam (I had Jewel) and we had dinner together out. A nice treat. Just before getting dinner, Jenn learned that one of her half-sister's, C., was about to undergo an emergency appendectomy. Everyone was shocked and very concerned. So off Jenn and Jewel went to see about her sis, who is now home and recuperating. I feel for her a LOT because she is doing the single mom gig and has two children and less support than I had when my kid was little, and now she has to deal with a sudden medical emergency. I'm so sorry, C.

This morning I checked in with Jenn about some things and it turns out she and Eric were at an orthopaedist's office waiting to see the doc because he broke his hand! See above picture. You don't need a medical degree to figure out what is wrong here! He's very cool about it, like it's no big deal. See above picture. It's a BIG deal! He has to go back to see a special hand orthopaedist on Friday. I think the fix here is a big "ouch." :(

Jewel at the tender age of 3-1/2 months has spent so much time in SOME doctor's office that she should grow up to be a doctor herself!

Today in art class we had a lesson in how to draw/illustrate/imagine an Asian-style picture using a bamboo brush and black ink. It was cool. I didn't think I'd be able to do anything much with it, but the minimalist style ended up being attractive to me and I ended up with some pretty decent work. I'll post a picture another time. It accidentally went home with someone else, so when I get it back, I'll scan it.

I went to pottery for a couple hours and had a good time doing some tiles to potentially sell to help Jenn get her funds for the 3-day walk in October. She has to raise $2200!!! I also made a plate, that I hope I can get done in time to give to a kind friend later this month.

My very kind next-door neighbor helped me to assemble a new outdoor table tonight. THAT really winded me! But I now have a really nice outdoor table and I already had the umbrella. I have a small glider and a few outdoor chairs now and some small side tables that make a nice conversation group. I am glad to have a spot that is amenable to some leisure outside. So if you're in the area and want to drop by and sit for a bit, I now have a spot to do that!

Hope your day has been better than C. & Eric! Everyone get well!

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Watercolor said...

Put a link to her fundraising site on your blog on the right under her picture. :)