Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Privacy Fence

The second fellow came by today to give an estimate. He got the deal. May 1st they're supposed to come install it. I'm pretty happy. I'm getting wood (white cedar) as PVC fencing has gone too high to afford since it's partially made of petroleum products.

I've been manufacturing earrings like a maniac tonight. I made 14 pair in the matter of a few hours. If I can sell them for $3 each and can make a good many more tomorrow, that'll be a nice sum toward the 3-day for Jenn. I also have the tiles that I made at pottery, and tomorrow will do as many of them into necklaces and pins as I can. The goal is to sell them during the subdivision yard sale on Saturday.

When I get a second, I'll post some pix in case any of them tickle your fancy and you'd like to purchase some for Mother's Day presents, or end-of-school teacher gifts, or perhaps you just know someone that would enjoy a hand-made bit of jewelry.

I'm excited that I'll get to order my new boobs before I go on my vacation, and likely be able to get them when I get back.

Later gators. I was up early this morning so I'm crashing for the night. What a lovely, warm day. Pollen count: under 150 due to the rain we got. I was glad to have the yellow washed off the outdoor furniture.

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