Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Garage Sale

Tomorrow is the big day when the whole subdivision has a yard sale. I've been a jewelry-making fiend for weeks now. I have gobs of pottery tile necklasses, and about 25 pairs of earrings that I've made. I have a BUNCH of pony-beads to make stretchy bracelets for little girls (or boys). $1 for pony bracelet (you get to pick the beads and I measure your wrist for size. The pottery tiles are $2, and the earrings are $3 each. I'm hoping that by keeping prices LOW there will be lots and lots of kids and moms and teens that will want to buy my inventory. The big question about tomorrow is: MUST it rain? Forecasters seem to think so.

Eric has lots of materials to make presentations with, and he is making up a cool poster thing for Jenn to put up in strategic places like her office. He's made a quick access point to her web page at The dot info is a new one on me. But if you go to that link it takes you right to her specific 3-day page.

The orthopaedist has me going for physical therapy to see if that will help heal my rotator cuff issue/tendonitis. I took the opportunity while in C'ton to replenish some of my jewelry-making needs, and ran by Staples briefly.

Here is the funny for the day. I needed to wash the ONE and only foam-boobie-holder today, so I wore one of my old bra's with my foam bobies inserted. I learned last week that the foam inserts MIGRATE. So, today I went and got some duct tape, and made a sticky roll on each side of the foam boobies and stuck them to the bra. I was literally camouflaged with duct tape today, but the foam boobies did NOT migrate! Ha!

I didn't feel the earthquake this morning. I was snoozing and I guess the cats weren't too upset by it, if the noticed it. The reports are that it was a 2.1 earthquake by the time the shocks got to Georgia. I'm sure it was a little more exciting in Indiana and Illinois.

Thanks to L. for her family's donation to my daughter's fund-raising efforts for the Atlanta 3-day. I am very blessed to know so many generous people.

Night all. Another great day on this side of the grass. I hope it's been a great one for you too!

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