Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fitting #2 & Flowers

I want to share with you the happy occasion of getting fitted for new boobies. This was the happy crew that came together to help me get just the "right" pair. Do I want to be a B? C? D? Nothing larger than a D. I've done that. It's not all it's cracked up to be. But to achieve a certain degree of proportionality and regain my feminine part of me, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. It was ALL out there while we went through the various attempts to try sizes on and check out the look. Next time I'm taking different tops with me to check out how the tops look with the various sizes and bras. But we had a happy occasion yesterday and as my friend, M., said -- "I may not remember my fitting in years to come, but I'll always remember yours!" We definitely partied! What great friends and family to support me in this most intimate of purchases! Thank you M., V., Jenn and Jewel.

Today was dedicated to the home front. The most worshipful cleaning diva came today. God, but I love her! She does all the heavy cleaning, and then today we started working on the 2nd bedroom. Over the last several months it's become a "junk room" much like a "junk drawer." Today we worked on it for about 45 minutes and I'm pleased that if I spend some more time in there off and on, Liam can start coming over again soon and spending the night. Before my breast cancer treatment he was used to coming over and having a night here as much as once a week. He hasn't been able to come to grammy's for quite a while now. So, maybe soon, I'll have things tidy enough that there is room for him again. I'm beginning to feel well enough that perhaps having the boy here for an evening might not completely run me ragged. Maybe. I miss having him come over and snuggle and have special grammy time with me.

Today I was able to get all the ingredients together to finish potting and planting. I have a whole bunch of plants of all different kinds. I'm exhausted, and maybe a tad sunburned. But, I'm tickled to have a nice variety of pretty pots (I especially like the "basket" pot in the picture at the far right.) and if the sun just doesn't totally burn the crap out of the plants, maybe I'll have some pretty stuff around me this summer. I've always felt too exhausted to even mess with plants when I was working. I'm not anywhere near up to my normal levels of energy, but I was able to do a little and rest. Do a little more and rest. There are more pots, but these are the ones that I'm especially happy with. When the fence gets put in on May 1st, I'll be able to put things around inside and outside the fence in such a way that the space is more attractive. I'm bone tired tonight after lifting, pushing and pulling at the plants and pots and bags of rocks and "dirt." I bought some potting soil. Now, I know I'm a city girl, but I recognize what that potting soil was enriched with. I know horse sh*t when I see it. Horse stuff is pretty distinctive in it's "packaging." I hope it doesn't smell! Crashing soon. My poor shoulder is very aggravated and achy tonight. I feel good having accomplished a few things that make my world a little more pleasant.

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sleep well. flowers look great!