Monday, March 31, 2008

Water Survey

Well, it seems that half the people who responded to the survey have changed their water usage habits on account of the draught. The other half of respondents either don't live in Georgia or are unaware of the fact that we are having a draught.

You know what I'm confused about? I have heard people who are smart about economics say, that the economic situation right now is worse than it was during the Great Depression. I understand it's tough for those on the bottom of the economic food chain, but somehow I don't get the feel of the same desperation that all the people I've every known have about the time we know as the Great Depression. Other people who are smart about economics say we're in a recession. I'm not smart about this stuff, but if I had to guess, I would agree that my "cost of living" increases are about the same as they were back during the last identified recession in the 80's. I wonder if some of the economic situation is buffered a bit in Atlanta because it's still the "Empire of the South" and even in the worst of times, it's still pretty decent here? I see more people walking or riding bikes, presumably because they can't afford a car or gas anymore. I don't hear about people "riding the rails." I do see news reports about hobo villages though. I feel sad for people who are losing their homes and cars and have lost investments (Bear Stearns). How scary would it be to lose your retirement savings when you're aging, but it's happening. It's clear to me that more people feel desperate enough that they are willing to attempt theft and other acts to attempt to gain money. There's an advertisement on the tv right now for an auction of over 700 homes; that's 700 families that probably aren't going to be able to buy a home again for many years and will be haunted by debt for years to come. Is our economy in peril? I don't know. I do know that some people are suffering, but isn't that true almost all the time?

Even with the cold that I have, I know I'm feeling a little more like myself. Just a little, but happy to have that little bit.

Excited to hear from friends P. and MA today. And Pam -- your news is very exciting. One person CAN make a difference and you're clearly doing that. What has Pam done? She's helping to bring a breast cancer screening program to her place of work! That's eminently cool!

Later gators.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you have a cold, Ann-- glad you are starting to feel better!
Hope you have a healing sleep tonight- Happy April!
Love from Leslie