Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yup, I Have a Cold

I had a little stuffiness going on, but it's definitely gone from "Could this be allergies?" to "Yup, it's a cold." Eucalyptus oil and Mucinex are my friends.

Biscuits after church today. It was nummy!

Sometime this week I get to have another chest x-ray. I guess they need one as a baseline now that I have much less chest.

Saw a former colleague from work today at Wal-mart. She kept repeating over and over, "You look so good!" She said it so often, that I kind of realized later that she was probably going inside, "Holy sh*t! That's a really different person than the one I used to know!" Today was the first time I did any shopping without using one of the electric carts -- I pushed a buggy just like everyone else. (I have never quite gotten the hang of those electric carts, and while I might still use them sometimes for a while, you need to know if you see me in one, I'm a total maniac on those things. BEWARE!)

I'm very thankful for the many positive things that have come out of my experience with cancer. I've been blessed by having insurances that covered costs, people that have helped in so many ways. The prayers, the food that people have shared, taking my trashcan out to the street and back for me, help with personnel issues, support from colleagues, calls and cards from friends and people who have become friends -- all these things have been such a grace in the middle of a really crappy diagnosis. My heart is so warmed by all the kind things people have done for me. I can never say "Thank you," often enough.

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Susan said...

Love your positive attitude, I imagine that and laughter are indeed the best medicines!