Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Triple Negative Inforamtion Session

Some Emory students and physicians put on an information session on triple negative breast cancer. It wasn't very well attended, and the information was pretty generic, but I'm very thankful my daughter was willing to take me. I found out they're doing a big time community meeting in May that focus' on the triple negative issue. It will have people from around the country coming in for the meeting and there might be more information and more in-depth information. So, I didn't really find out a lot more about future treatment, but I did find out about a future event where clinicians might have ideas and treatments that are not necessarilly available here.

On a lighter note, Jewel was an angel during the whole seminar, but being 3 months old and just natural about living, she punctuated the presentation of these professionals by making occasional BIG farts. Every0ne there was mature about it, but it really was funny. I suspect these respected physicians haven't ever made presentations punctuated by flatulance. ;)

The cats are zonked out on the bed in the shape of two commas that are opposing one another like angel wings. Romeo is still a little gimpy from his tendonitis. I wish he'd get over it. I feel bad that he feels bad.

I'm having issues with my sleep patterns, which seem to be patternless lately. I need to get more scrupulous about my "sleep hygiene" as the medical world calls it. Going to sleep at a specific time, not watching tv or the computer for an hour before planning to sleep, etc. I have the good bed now, I need to sleep in it more than just hold it down. Sleep sure does make a person feel better. I think sleep is when much of body repair goes on too, and I sure need to help my body repair itself.

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