Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Hair is Coming, the Hair is Coming!

As you can see, I have something approaching fluff. It's more than fuzz, but not quite ... well adequate. Just a tad longer and I can imagine going without a head covering. I know there are women out there that do it. I am just not that one. It's a character deficiency on my part. A real lack of what this former New Yorker would call "chutzpuh." It's a Hebrew/Yiddish term which roughly translated amounts to "admirable gutsiness." I may have chutzpah in other areas of my life, but I want my hair a tad longer before I go au naturale. I think. The day may be coming soon where I might prefer to wait until it's a little longer, but I go without covering anyway. The weather IS warming!
The rain today is a blessing because it's filling the reservoirs. Allatoona is at full pool, but Lanier is sadly very, very low and still effected by the draught.
Tibetian monks, and sympathetic students and spectators are having a peaceful sit-in at Emory. They get shot for peaceful sit-in's in China, but I hope it is still safe for them to just sit in support of their fellow citizens here.
Art class was interesting. I am hopeful that since Wednesday morning classes probably won't work for me on a continuing basis, that I can do the Thursday evening class. A certain amount of cooperative effort may be required to make that happen, but we'll see how that will work out.

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Susan said...

Looking good, before long you will be looking for a pony-tail holder! Have a good one.