Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oncologist Visit

I saw the onc today. Being the nerdy gal that I am, I brought a news article with me so we could go over the information. It's a Reuters News article (here). Since I have chronic, life-long anemia this was a concern to me. I figured I probably got doses of these drugs; I did. I got two doses. It was interesting talking to him about the research. I was alarmed by the statement toward the end of the article that says something to the effect that this drug class can encourage the growth of cancer cells. This doesn't sound like a good thing for someone with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy to blow it to kingdom come!

The study is a meta-analysis (a study of other studies). His opinion is that the study is flawed and that the statements are unnecessarilly alarmist because the results they are cautioning against are "off label" dosing. It was good to get that talked through.

I go back in a month. He's encouraging me to get out and do as much as I possibly can to start building up my endurance, but recognizes that I will still have limits for a good while. He told me about some mouthwash that will help prevent the thrush from returning. I'll have to check into it tomorrow.

Romeo is still gimping around a bit, and so after my drawing class tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get him in at the vet's. I don't want him feeling bad if there's something that can be done to help him out.

My drawing that I have been attempting for this class' homework is just not working out. I just can't seem to get the perspective and details anywhere close to right. Of course that is why you take a class, so you can learn how to do it. I'll be interested tomorrow to see if I can take in the proper approach to this piece I'm attemping.

I was very excited tonight. I talked to Liam about going to church. Mom has been telling me that he WON'T consider going to church AT ALL. I talked to him tonight about going with me next week and told him how it would be special and we'd get to sing songs and march into church (Palm Sunday). He gave me an enthusiastic YES to going with me to church! Yeah. I've been wanting to continue on taking him, but I have to have enough energy to wrangle a 3 year old which is a bit like trying to keep a herd of wild mustangs in line. He keeps asking if my boo boo is gone? And I keep saying yes. Tonight he hugged me, rejoicing that I didn't have a boo boo anymore. I have a scar now instead. He says, "I want to see." I let him see and he says, "It sure is big." But he accepts that a scar is not a boo boo and that I can now play with him again. I'm happy that he's willing to go to church with me. We'll head for the 9AM service so he can enjoy children's church. He'll go as long as I go with him. Mom, dad and Jewel say they might just make it a whole family affair! Wow!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday!


Susan said...

It sounds like you are staying busy. I like your doc's advice to get out more, sounds like a plan. You will be out geocaching before long! There is a place for you to visit on my blog today... thanks to you!

Amber said...

Sophie (my miniature pinscher) has a check-up Saturday morning at 10:30, so I wish your Romeo and my Sophie would get along enough to ride to the vet together... Sophie doesn't do kennels (anxiety issues due to my ex-husband), but as long as Romeo is in a kennel we can try it if you want. Maybe my truck won't look like a war zone by the time we made it to Bowdon. :)

Hopefully church will go well - sending up lots of prayers for that!