Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Another Day in Bremen

I went to the Buchanan post office and got my passport application.

Went with Jenn as she took care of business for Betty today, and so we got to eat at Los Cowboys in Buchanan. A little treat on a weekday. That's how I got to go by the PO -- riding along with Jenn.

EfM was interesting tonight. We did our analysis on my total aversion to the wording of the 1928 prayer book and how miserable it tells us that we are. I found out (yet again) that I am legalistic and spend too much time focusing on exact wording, while everyone else is often going through the motions and sometimes not really listening ! Church is TRULY a very different experience for different folks. It has to be a little discouraging for folks that have important parts in the service. I can't do Lay Reading anymore because of some frailties of age, but I remember thinking, "People are looking at me and listening to me; I have to get this RIGHT." Interestingly enough, they probably weren't listening. Huh. Other folks focus on different things related and unrelated to the service.

Well according to the most recent poll here, it looks like Barak Obama might be our next President. Imagine them playing "Hail to the Chief," and a Black man with the name Obama walking to the cadence of the Marine Band. Wow, we have really come a LONG way baby!

Have an appt with the oncologist tomorrow. Have some questions for the man. Also have to get my butt out early in the am. The cleaning goddess comes tomorrow too. Ahhhhhh, the joy of organization.

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