Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Art and Cats

OK, I got an A- from my art teacher today, and that made me very happy. He appreciated my tenacity in keeping at working on my subject. I made about a half dozen trys at a particular picture before finally being semi-satisfied that I had achieved (as best as *I* can) a decent representation of the subject. He taught us a new way to initiate a drawing today that shows an easier way to get things in perspective. I hope I can keep taking classes from this man for a while. He's amazing. I intentionally left out the shadow of the telephone pole. I know the neck isn't right. For a gal that couldn't draw a STOP sign before three weeks ago, I'm pretty impressed.

I took Romeo to the vet today in Bowden. He got two x-rays to make sure he hadn't broken anything. We can definitively say he doesn't have arthritis. He doesn't have a bone spur or fracture. He appears to have tendonitis. I have that occasionally and it hurts like hell! Apparently there is little than can be done for pain relief in cats. The doc says to watch him for two weeks, and let the pain give him feedback about what he shouldn't be doing so that he'll rest his leg. If he's still in a lot of pain in two weeks, bring him back and we'll attempt to see if there is some kind of pain relief he can take for a while without killing his kidneys, AND he'll probably have to be contained in a small space for a while to ensure he rests his leg. I hope we don't have to do that!

Romeo is very sensitive to my moods. When chemo had me down for the count, he'd always snuggle up to me. When all my hair fell out, I'd wake up sometimes at night, and he'd be licking my head. I wonder if I tasted different because of the chemo, or he was "comforting" me? In any case, I've always felt close to this cat, but he is very special now for being my company in some very trying circumstances. He gets the best care I can give him.

Hope you are having a great day.


Anonymous said...

Once again, you continue to be awe inspiring in all that you do. I think the picture is brilliant. You have sooooo many untapped talents. Poor Romeo! I hope and pray that his pain eases. Continuing to send you energy, peace and love, Randy

Susan said...

An artist is born.

If you are one to look for the silver lining, you could find a lot of good things that have come out of your cancer experience, being off work to spend more time with family, learning new things like art, discovering how many people you have in your support group. But that's just one perspective, and possibly easy for me to say, not being in your shoes.

Love the drawing, keep up the good work!

Amber said...

I'm sure Liam could tell you what Romeo was doing - he was licking one of your "boo boos!" :) Hoping for a speedy recovery for the little guy.