Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday after Easter

Did a little pottery and went to EfM. That's it. Oh, they did call me from the surgeon's office, and I have to go get a chest x-ray. They're mailing me the Rx and I can go to Higgins and get it done, instead of having to go all the way up to Northside. Much more convenient. I can't believe how much x-rays and unltrasounds and radioactive testing I've undergone in the last six months.

My shoulder joint is hurting yesterday and today -- the one that I hurt the week before my surgery. I don't know if it's from the weather front moving in tonight or if I've strained it. I just know it hurts and the socket seems to wiggle again. When I was in the hospital it seemed to slip back into place again. Apparently it may have slipped back out. Oh boy!

It's warm in my place, but I'm cold. I can't get my feet warm. Shows how much I've changed over the last several months. I used to never be cold. I mean NEVER. I was always hot. Lately, I sometimes feel cold. It's been years since I felt a chill. Very unusual.

Still going through my mind looking for money-making ventures for Mom's Breastaurant. I tried making some little medallions today in pottery. I don't think they'll work, but I thought I'd try. I was told to consider using Polymer clay instead; that it was easier to work with for small projects. I might check it out tomorrow. We'll see.

Got to rest now.

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Anonymous said...

OK what is Mom's Breakrestrant? Sounds interesting. I hope it's the weather because my ankle is troubling me and I hope that is what is giving you pain/ I am getting ready for work. Today is my late night. Good thing I care about my clients.....or I'd just say to heck with it. I wonder about the warm cold...I used to be cold all the time, now I am warm most of the time.....anyway kiddo you hang in there. Love, Randy