Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Cancer Support Group

I finally got to get an outfit that I like that I can wear to Jewel's Christening! Yeah! I came home and rested for a bit. Then realized that tonight was the once-a-month cancer support group meeting. I went and was so glad to see several of the folks I've talked to before, and some new people. We are a funny group of people. Folks that have few inhibitions and don't think it's weird to want to compare scars. Another lady there, that's new to the group, also has Dr. S. as her surgeon. I told the lady that does the group about the different kind of drains that Dr. S. uses and she's going to call and find out what they are since they don't hurt to come out. She has the power to "suggest" that docs at Tanner use them too. That would be cool to be able to make drains an easier process for a lot of women in Western Georgia.

Liam's accomplishment for the day was to wear underpants today and not have any accidents. A great accomplishment! Yeah! Congratulations Liam!

Shoulder is still "out." Wish I knew what I could do to put it back where it belongs.

God bless my domestic queen for coming by today and making my digs so much more livable. Sleepy after a busy day. Maybe I can actually get to sleep at a decent hour for once!


Calypso said...

Can't help smiling at the picture I get in my head when you describe: comparing scars in your cancer group.
good for you all!!!!

Susan said...

The picture is all the support group you need! What a precious picture, thanks for sharing!