Sunday, March 23, 2008


The alleluias are back after being banished for Lent. It is also fun to watch the children as they take part in the Easter rituals. This picture is Liam being helped in the "Flowering of the Cross."
After the service which was a 9am church bursting full with starched and wondrously dressed little kids and adults, the kids had an egg hunt.
You can see the 4 and under set got a break on "hunting" for eggs. The bounty is rich.
Liam got a boost from dad here so that he could get the egg hidden by the older kids who are much taller than 4 and under can think about!

Checking out his treasure.

I was an inadequate grammy, I didn't get a picture of Jewel. :( Oh well. Maybe mom or dad will send me one of her, if they have one on their camera.

In a last minute decision, I "came out" from under my kerchiefs for Easter. I have now liberated myself from them and am wearing my tiny bit of hair.

The nicest thing about Easter was seeing Luke and Jack at church. I can't imagine what it took for their mom and dad to get them all ready and moved toward church, but they were the big celebrities of the day. It was wonderful to see them happy and healthy, though I have to say their daddy has some serious circles under his eyes. Thanks Eric and Laura for sharing your special treasures with us! It was wonderful to see them in person.

We all had a fun time today and I think the children had a fabulous time at church. The excitement was positively electric! Alleluia!

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Susan said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, good to see you out and about!