Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art, Raising $, and a Funny

OK, someone else sent me this, and I've just cut and pasted it. I think it's funny. ;)

seems as if pres. bush is having a meeting with his staff and they received an important message that 2 brazilian soldiers had been killed in a roadside bombing in iraq. the president just breaks down in tears, calls off the meeting saying.... i just need a little time to myself. so after about an hour he finally gets his "poop in a group" and stops crying long enuff to make a call to dick cheney. dick answers the phone and sez, u ok man? what happened in there? and the pres. asks him in a choked voice...... how many is in a brazillion? hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahaaaa. woooohhooooo, hahahahahahaaaa....... hope u cracked up as much as i did.

Sissy and I did our art class today and I got some rather good encouragement from my teacher. So did Sissy. Our task was to draw one of the objects he had brought to class, and I selected a ship model. Then we're supposed to finish it into a work of art by filling around it. I picked a nautical theme and added a compass and a sailor. Each picture is an improvement over the last. This coming week he's going to show us a new art technique to experiment using. Each week I surprise myself with what I can accomplish, but also feel dissatisfied with the inadequacies. It takes practice however, and so I'm practicing. I had to scan this picture from one side of the pad, and then scan from the other side, and then place them side-by-side. They are not a "perfect" fit, but you get the idea. It's not great "art" but it's impressive for a person that six weeks ago couldn't draw a stop sign (I think!).

I'm looking for small, easy-to-make items that can be sold to get money for Jenn and her sis's for the 3-day. I bought some polymer clay today to see if I can make some items that can be sold. Not sure I'm much of an entrepreneur or much of a crafty success, but I'm trying.


Susan said...

Your artwork is amazing! Keep up the good work. LOVE the bush joke!

Watercolor said...

GREAT joke! LOL!