Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Report

Saturday was a good day as far as pain and being able to feel pretty decent. Then I got a headache. How do you do that when you can take pain meds that are made strong enough to sedate a rhino? I don't get it, except I had a real huge headache all night.

Sunday I had a group shower experience again. I'm clean but it sure does wear me out. Before my son-in-law left to watch THE game, he took me up to my place and I got to get my mail and take care of the fish.

Thanks Carolyn for the lovely Valentine goodies. Special, special thanks to Pam for the BEAUTIFUL tote from the Lydia project. My daughter and I were both stunned with the beauty of the tote! It's gorgeous. When I can post pix, maybe I can take a picture of it and post it. I don't know how to do that here at their house. Thanks Randy for the card. It's very cutie.

I think the thrush has come back. Jenn says it's because I was probably on IV antiobiotics in the hospital. Whatever. We go back to see the surgeon tomorrow. My left arm is still recovering from the whack it got (shoulder really) when I fell Wednesday a week ago. It may not be broken, but it's doing a good immitation of it. Chest is sore but not as bad as it's been being.

This is a BIG surgery with BIG cuts and a BIG recovery. I don't know how I could recover from this without the aid of my daughter and son-in-law. I couldn't manage these blasted drains, which I'm sure are better than not having them.....but they are literally a pain. It's every bit the kick-in-the-gut that I thought it would be and more.

Thanks Bob for dropping me a call. It was nice to hear from school folks. Aren't you a sweetie for sending a card Belinda. Many thanks to those of you thinking of and caring about my present journey.

Going back to hold down the bed now. It'll be interesting to see what the surgeon says tomorrow and IF I get rid of any of these drains. It is a very, very bizzare thing to have four holes in you about the size of a .22 calibre bullet with plastic drains 18-inches long hanging down from you. It's also YUCKY and very, very IRRITATING in a painful kind of way. Somehow I missed the information about the misery of the drains. I hope you and no one you ever know, gets to find out about them, ever!


Watercolor said...

Rebound headache from the pain meds?

Susan said...

It sounds like the drains are the biggest problem right now, hopefully you will get rid of them soon. Get lots of rest before your trip to the surgeon. Hang in there!

Mary Beth said...


Came over from your post on the DOK list. Hope you lose the headache soon...praying for you!

Blessings, Mary Beth


Joan said...

checking on you! your ol' buddy from Second life, Moonvine! Waiting for your return to our virtual world!
Keep on improving!!

Tina said...


Been following your progress on the blog. Sounds like you're getting a little stonger day by day. As you said, it's a big surgery, and big recovery, and it sounds like you're doing the recovery part well. Keep that up, hang in there, and know that many, many, many people are holding you up in prayer.

Tina Morse

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how good it is to hear from you again!!
So glad your surgery is finished and that the chemo crushed your tumor, that IS great news.
How much longer will you have those drains? Hope you can get them out soon.
Keep resting all you can, sending you love from Leslie