Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Doc Reports and Democracy

Monday was a L O N G, marathon day. I saw the surgeon at 1 in north Atlanta. She checked things out. Everything is healing normally. The really GOOD news was that, surprisingly, the pathology report had come in. Somehow in my brain, I have a hard time understanding this. As the person who went through what my oncologist calls Godzilla chemo, I should understand it the best, but I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around it.

It seems that the tumor that I did have that was the fastest growing, most abnormal cells you can get, had all been either killed off or turned into just abnormal cells that are not cancer. There was no cancer found in either breast. I'm not sad that I decided to take them both off though. No telling if there might have been cancer in the left breast but it got killed by the chemo and just doesn't show up right now. Dr. S., the surgeon, says this is the BEST predictor of recurrance (or lack of it). Dr. P., the oncologist, was pretty happy too. Of course, no one can say the "c" word (cure), but I have gotten the best outcome possible of all the possible outcomes. YEAH! But, most of me can only think about the real "c" word, (cancer) and that with my luck some sneeky cancer cell is hiding out somewhere waiting to come back. I should be jumping with joy, but I'm really still scared that I should be preplanning my funeral.

I can't travel to MDA until my drains are out. But I will be coordinating with them via phone. I still plan to go, if they'll still have me.

I had to see the oncologist yesterday because I have thrush AGAIN, probably from the antibiotics they gave me in the hospital. Anyway, I have a whole new round of diflucan to get rid of that problem. The surgeon would not treat me for it. Jenn had to drive all the way from north Atlanta to Carrollton so I could go straight from the surgeon to the oncologist. The surgeon says these kinds of things are basically outside her scope of practice and so we had a very, very long day of driving. It was also my first day being up and around very much. By the time I got home yesterday I went to bed, and I slept!

The left shoulder continues to improve. Less pain and a little, tiny bit more strength each day.

Today's historic accomplishment was getting my butt to the poll so Jenn and I could both vote. That's it. Hope you voted! It's the fundamental right of Americans, and the gods know that this year we need all the voters involved because whatever we get after George is going to be very important because that president will sure have a mess to clean up! It's an interesting race.


Anonymous said...

That's the most wonderful news!!! I am glad things are progressing so well. That feeling of I should be jumping for joy BUT.... You have been through a lot and while being happy wiht the news, there's a time lag of let down. Just count it to a time warp. Prayers to you and the family. Love, Randy

Susan said...

The pathology report news is awesome! Hang in there!

dgray1130 said...

I understand you not feeling like jumping for joy yet, but that report was super!!!! Thank God!!! You hang in there and take good care of you. Love and hugs Diane

Watercolor said...

Great news!!! And dang, I'm tired just hearing about your day! Rest and heal now!!

kate loving shenk said...

I met you on SL just before you went to have your surgery!!

Nice to read your blog--you are in good hands!!!

Joan said...

Fabulous news!!! Celebrating with you -- even though you don't feel like celebrating yet! Sounds to me as if you are making progress every day, and getting a good report ! wonderful!

Joan (Moonvine on SL)