Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday is for Fuzz

I said I'd have fuzz in Febuary. It's February, and I have the tiniest, teeniest bit of almost invisible hairs that feel like rubbing velvet, which I categorize as fuzz. The fuzz is arriving. Not in large, overwhelming quantities, but as the tiniest, timid hairs a person can have, but it's there.

We (and it IS a group experience) had a shower today. It helped a LOT because it refreshed me, and it eliminated the death smell, which must have been residual blood from surgery or something. At any rate, not only do I feel refreshed now, I don't smell like the funeral home on a hot day.

We (and this is also a group experience) got through three drainings of the drains today without anyone, especially me, screaming. This is a very good thing! When I scream and cry, Jenn also screams and cries, and it's just a real bit of drama that no one needs in their life.

I actually slept a refreshing and restful sleep last night. It is very hard to sleep on your back when you want, want, want to sleep on your side. It's also not so fun sleeping with these holes in your back with the drain hoses coming out right where you're resting on it. Who thought of this as a good idea? The sides have been "re-engineered" to fit the difference between boobs and no-boobs. So there's significant changes on the side. No sleeping on the side. Obviously the front is dramatically changed. No sleeping on that side either. Esthetically, so far, I'm really happy what the surgeon accomplished. The drains are a bummer though.

Thanks to St. M's and Liz for the goodies today. We're very grateful in this household with a new baby a revised grammy and a pretty stressed out mom. Dad and Liam had some time to play today because they didn't have to run around and rush to make dinner. Thanks for giving us that joy.

Hope you and those you love are doing well today. I'm getting a little better each day. I'm hoping for human in the next few days. Not quite there yet.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing really well, hon. Still prayin' fer ya! For really speedy healing. That was wonderful news about Elvira being encapsulated. ((((Ann))))
Love you, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, it is so good to hear you are getting better. Rest, as much as you can with those drains, and revel in your fuzz. Jenn has earned her sainthood. Love, Randy

Watercolor said...

hugs!!! prayers for all.
pamela - dok