Friday, February 08, 2008

Shield Your Eyes if Your Squeemish

I personally think that (a) the only reason to be modest about my upper body, was the chance to peep at my boobs. I don't have boobs now. Therefore my chest is about as erotic as any man's chest, and they cut the grass without their shirts on. So if you're offended by, or squeemish about seeing surgical incisions, don't look! Additionally, (b) I think my scars look like the Great Wall of China as seen from a high ariel view. I was told I'd get two smilie faces, but it didn't work that way. So someone I know has a couple smilies; I have the Great Wall of China. Here is a view of the Great Wall of China. You Compare and see what you think.
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Yellow arrow shows
...................................................where port-o-cath was.
Great Wall of China in a
........................................horizontal ariel view.

The chest isn't pretty, but I'm happy with it because it doesn't have any significant pleats or craters in it. Keep in mind that the surgeon was also dealing with someone significantly overweight and that means that healing takes longer and is more likely to have complications. It also means that when she was cutting she had acres of skin to deal with, not the normal sized 34B's. I think she gets a gold star for neatness. The scar from my Sentinel Node Biopsy looked really ishy for the first month, but then it got better looking over time. This will improve as the swelling goes down and the scar heals and ages. I'm happy with the outcome, all things considered. My surgeon is probably 5' 3" tall and I'm betting she had to S T R E T C H just to reach across my big 'ol self all during the surgery.

My long-term-disability policy requires that I apply for, (and get denied) Social Security benefits. So Jenn took me to SS today in Carrollton. I have to tell you, I was really, incredibly impressed. For having to deal with the government, they were polite, tried hard to be helpful (and were) and fell all over themselves doing the best they could to get everything we needed done and done completely. I was in and out of that office in less than an hour and I had a couple things to take care of. I was shocked because I really expected to be treated like a number and that I would look into the eyes of an exhausted drone that could not have cared less. I, however, was graciously helped the whole way through the process by very courteous and helpful people! Who knew that a government office could be that way?!

Today was Jenn's birthday. I wish I could have made it a little more special, but next year will be a better time. As of tonight I have three drains putting out less than 30 cc's. I'm mentally hoping that I can get rid of as many of these torture devices as possible on Monday. I don't know how it will turn out, but I want them out! They are sometimes painful, but more than anything they are just dang UNCOMFORTABLE. It's just really hard to relax in any kind of position with these things coming out of me. I got rid of the Port-o-cath which made me feel like part of the Borg (Star Trek reference), but now with all these tubes coming out of me, I still feel like I'm "Part of the collective. You will assimilate."

So, I hope I haven't offended your sensibilities, but just provided you with objective information that you can use to evaluate how big/small/drastic/minimal the surgery was. If you were grossed out, remember, I had a warning and I said, don't look if you're squeemish! So if you're squeemish and you looked, it's your fault, not mine!


Anonymous said...

The scars for scars are beautiful ones. They really do look good. I like the reference to the Wall of China. Can you use some of that scar stuff to decrease the scar later? Cars are slow coming, sorry, been a heck of a week. Love, Randy

Joan said...

Ann, good for you! I am glad you are willing to share your photos and your story. Sometimes when we start walking through a hard time it just helps so much to listen to someone who's been there already, or is walking through it ahead of us.

I especially love the "aerial view" of your noggin. I appreciate your blog and have bookmarked it so I can keep up with your story.

Write on, Sister.

Caregiver at Home

Anonymous said...

All I can say is YEEEEOOOUUUCH!!!
Your surgeon did do an amazing job.
So glad you are healing so well, hope you get those drains out SOON!
Sending you love from Leslie

dgray1130 said...

Ann, you are truly a beautiful person! NO...I'm not making it up. I think the surgeon did an amazing job. As time goes by the scar will fade some and not gross YOU out. Love ya Diane

Watercolor said...

prayers continuing for you hun!
pamela - dok

Susan said...

Wow, a geography lesson on your chest, your good outlook amazes!

Hope all goes well at the doc today.

Mary Anne said...

Seriously, I am jealous. Yours are way better than mine! Did you ever think you would hear that? I have numerous gorges coming off of my great walls. Took some nerve to post the pictures - proud to know you!!!
Aren't those drains nasty? Won't be long and then you will have only a distant memory. THANKFULLY.
Keep healing, Mary Anne