Monday, February 11, 2008

The Joy of Drains

OK, who knew there were different kinds of drains? I mean, I sure didn't. My daughter the nurse didn't even know that my drains were different than the kind most medical folks are used to handling. Anyway I was all tense and white knuckled thinking, "Geeezzz, I hope I don't shame myself by screaming or yelling when they take out the drains." The surgeon explained how she had personally gone to the Drain Committee (who knew a hospital would have a whole committee to consider the pros and cons of different drains?) to approve her using a different kind of drain. The REGULAR kind of drain is bigger on the inside than the spot going through you skin, so when they take those drains out, it's a big owie. Now my surgeon got the hospital to approve her using different drains which are the same size from top to bottom. So sliding them out the hole is no biggie. Really. It was weird, but it wasn't painful. No screaming. No crying. Just a lot, lot, lot of relief to know that I can now consider rolling over onto my left side tonight. They took three of the four drains out. It's very strange to feel something like a small snake zooming around under your skin. Jenn was mildly yucked out watching it from the surface. I feel less like I'm a part of the Borg tonight. Only ONE drain left. With luck I can ditch it on either Thursday or Tuesday. I'm so, so glad I drove a gazillion miles to go to this doc in north Atlanta, because from the first appointment to the removal of drains, she's just really made things as easy as possible on the patient. I'm so appreciative to her.

Oh, I got my first mastectomy bra today. It'll all be a learning experience to see how that piece of equipment works (or doesn't). I have to be about six weeks post surgery before they fit me with the REAL nice mastectomy bras and the REAL nice boobs. Weight and softness are the important issues right now. Weight keeps the bra from riding up so that you end up wearing it around your neck. The softness is an issue for obvious reasons. When the time is right the insurance company will pay for the nice new girls.

So, today was a big day, but thankfully, not nearly as painful as I had imagined it might be. God bless Dr. S. for lobbying for the new-fangled kind of drains!


dgray1130 said...

Dearest Anne, It is so very good to know you are at last free of most of the drains. It didn't hurt Jackie when he had his removed. And slept like a baby that night. I pray the same for you. Only one more to are doing amazing. I'm so very proud of you. Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Lots of love, hugs, prayers continue for you and yours... You are one amazing woman. I am in awe of how strong you are. Yahooo on getting the drains out! Love your, Randy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news and nice scars, Girlie. I have Shelves underneath my arms and that was a "cosmetic" surgery! Kudos to your surgeon. She did WELL! You are also sounding stronger and nothing could make all of us happier!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, Thanks so much for posting the pictures of the scars. I think most of us are ignorant of what the scars look like. I agree, the Great Wall of China is definitely now on your chest.:-) So glad you are doing better. ((((Anne))))))
Carol in San Diego