Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cold and Windy

It's the kind of day that makes me wish I had a fireplace again. But not a "real" fireplace like I had in my old house. It was work, work, work and getting wood for it to burn was hard and inconvenient. I love the fireplace Jenn and Eric have with the gas logs. Anyway, it's a day to have a fireplace and be lazy beside it.

It's brisk, chilly, windy and grey outside. In other words, it's winter. I like that because it kills the bugs. I hate it because it's winter! I ventured out for food today though. The grocery store knows me know and the check-out lady is so nice to me. Wal-mart is nice to me if I venture over there, and they'll take my groceries to the car, but it's just too big and busy, so I hang with our little Ingles. I like the one in Carrollton better, but I needed food today. Bremen grocery about 2 miles. Carrollton about 16 miles. You see now why I shopped in Bremen.

The HUGE navel oranges are in the grocery now, and I just adore them. If I can choose between ice cream and one of those huge oranges, I prefer the orange. Nummy.

The mail today had a great thing in it though. My contract for next year. I will probably take it over personally on Monday to ensure that it gets there. This is important enough not to trust it to the mail! Fortunately I feel well enough to go that far now. It makes me feel good to get that contract though. Really, really good. It helps me feel that I really will be working there next year, and it's where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

I got some really, really long questionnaires to fill out for Social Security. I hate it that my long term disability forced me to go through this process. It's such a lot of useless paperwork. I will not be out of work for a full year as required by SS and so I will not qualify and never thought I would. I'm going through the motions to ensure that my long term disability is satisfied and keeps paying until I can go back. So I guess that tomorrow I'll fill out and return this crap load of useless paperwork. The "joy" was spread out too because my "Emergency Contact," Jenn got a packet too! She's happy about that!

It appears that camisole tops seem to help a bit with coverage under tops, so I ordered a couple more today. I get hot so easy that wearing more clothing close to my chest doesn't seem like a good thing. I hope I don't end up living an even hotter life with more clothes, but I know it's early to tell. Things are still healing. Very sore spot on my back tonight.

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Watercolor said...

I'll be thinking of you filling out your paper work as I work on figuring out what I'm teaching tomorrow! lol!