Friday, February 22, 2008

Busiest Day Yet Since Surgery

I called M.D. Anderson this morning and left a message with my contact there.
I called my case manager at United Healthcare this morning and left a message with her.
I called my chiropractor this morning because MetLife insisted on contacting him about his treatment with me.
I call my oncologist this morning to encourage him to submit forms to MetLife.
I went to "gentle" yoga, sweated like a pig.
I went to pottery for about an hour and enjoyed myself a lot, but had to leave because I got tired.
I went home and rested for a bit before visiting with Jenn and the kids.
I got to cuddle with Liam for a bit. It's the closest he's allowed me to be with him in a long time. He's a bit puny with some kind of kiddie crud, but it made me feel good that he'd get all cozy with me while he felt bad. He asks frequently if I still have my boo boo? I think in another week or so I can say "no." I think he's scared to be with me while I have the boo boo. But to be honest, I'm a little scared of a rambunctious three-year-old presently. I think maybe soon I can worry less about him accidentally hurting me.
Went back to the pharmacy to get a script because I have THRUSH yet AGAIN!!!!!! This time the Rx is for liquid Nystatin instead of Diflucan. I hope it really gets rid of the stuff. I bought a new toothbrush. I'm rinsing my mouth with special mouthwash that has hydrogen peroxide in it. The oncologist's nurse said that it's not uncommon for people to have recurrent thrush after chemo. I guess I'm being normative but thrush is irritating.
My last drain hole drained a bunch today. It was really pretty gross.
Thanks to Amber who came and replaced my old shower head today so I wouldn't have to struggle with raising my arms right now (or calling the oldest living contractor). Good thing too, because if I'd tried it, I would have blamed myself for "issues" with the thing, without realizing it's likely defective.
I found out today by a total surprise that a very nice colleague honored me in the last October 3-day walk by being one of the major sponsors for the tee-shirt the folks at school bought to support those walking in the 3-day. I hadn't worn the shirt until this morning, and when I read the back side, my colleague's name and my name jumped out at me. I really appreciated the many things that others have done to honor me in so many ways and show support in my struggle against this disease. Blessings to all who have done anything big or small. From feeding my fish to "milking" my drains, to feeding me, to cards and/or mail, to hauling my butt to a doc, to walking or sponsoring someone in their walk.....every thing done on my behalf, I wish blessings on you for your many kindnesses.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Your days make mine seem tame. You do so much and keep on doing. I am so proud of you. Love, Randy