Monday, February 25, 2008

Activities of the Day

OK, so I have to get my strength back, and that means I have to put in some effort to building myself up. So Jenn, and Jewel and I went over to the Bremen Recreation building and did some walking today. In the mornings it's open to walkers, most of which are retired folks. But Jewel was in a little front carrier on Jenn's tummy and so she jiggled along, lulled to sleep by the rocking of the walking. I'd walk some and rest some, and walk some and rest some. But one has to start somewhere.

Afterwards, Jenn took me over to the school to turn in my contract for next year. It felt good to see a couple folks. I couldn't stay long as after all that walking I really needed to rest.

I spent the afternoon resting and then went to EfM tonight. Which was a little exciting for me, because they had me turn in to Suwanee what way I wanted my name and my address to put on my certificate for completing EfM. When we are done in June this year, I'm done.

I've been asked to post more pix, and I'll work on it. I'm just now beginning to feel human enough, after the surgery, to be able to go to the extra effort pix require.

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