Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cleaning and Mother / Daughter Fun

Thank the gods a lady came today and started in on cleaning my place. It was groedy, but things are definitely improving! The really excellent news is that she wasn't too grossed out; she's planning to come back next week! Yeah! I sat on a chair and went through some paperwork and crap while she cleaned. After she left, I took a nap from exhaustion!

Jenn and Jewel and I took a class tonight on making wirewrap jewelry. It was interesting and different. It was a nice diversion from everyday life.

I talked with the oncologist today about my persistent cough, and so I have to go get a chest x-ray tomorrow. Luckily I can just go to Higgins Hospital here in Bremen for convenience.

Thankfully I'm feeling a little better today, especially with less steroids in me. It's only up from here, eh?

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Susan said...

Funny how watching someone else work can tire you out! You will feel much better now with a clean house. But the bad thing about housework is, it will be to do all over again soon. It sounds like you had a good day, and once again your positive attitude is inspiring.