Monday, January 07, 2008

Body, Mind, and Spirit

I don't even know when the USPS came today, but when the mail lady came she brought mongo mail. A BIG envelope and a box. They come from just 15 miles away, from my former college advisor and present-day friend, A.R. We don't get to see one another often -- probably because we're not smart enough to make the time, and secondly because we both live busy lives. But for 18 years she's been an inspiring person to me.

The BIG envelope had a BIG book with inspirational pictures and stories of women who have encountered breast cancer. Something for the spirit. There was a fat book in there too, with practical medical information in it; something for the mind. And then in the box, were ginger snaps; something for the body. What a gracious soul to share so much with me!

Today has been a hard day with lots of Neulasta pain in my large joints, a hard night of sweating and insomnia from steroids. I've had thick phlem causing me a lot of coughing despite drinking lots and lots of fluids. In short, it's not pretty around here right now. But I sat down, immediately and read the photo book while eating the ginger snaps!

I'm going to EfM tonight, which keeps me looking forward to life past cancer. I'm still waiting to hear from the surgeon. And, when I do, once that date is set, somehow, someway, there's going to be a trip to the ocean. It's pull is irresistable.

Thank you A. :)

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