Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wrapping my Brain Around Change

Thanks N. for the lovely card and brochure. Your support is so appreciated. Pam and Carolyn also help as my Chemo Angels, and the cards do help.

Randy, the hat is wonderfully soft and I know I'll enjoy wearing it. Thank you for your many cards, kind thoughts, and I know prayers.

Mary Anne just gave me her complete cache of hats as she has graduated to HAIR and so I now have a huge supply of head coverings. I'm hoping that now I'm done getting chemo, that I'll soon be moving into the wonderful world of hair again. I'll get the hair back, but lose the boobs. If it's not one thing it's three more, eh?

I had the most fabulous blueberry waffle for breakfast this morning. It's nice to be invited into the cozy inside of morning family time and have love around me. It makes me feel happy.

I am very rich in loved ones and people who care about me, and no matter what I lose, I have learned how rich I am in other ways. Thanks to all who are out there and sending me thoughts, prayers, light, energy, and good will. It's all appreciated and accepted with loving gratefulness.

Each day I'll get a little smarter and a little more used to the evolution about to occur. My butt may be down now, but I've got places to go and things to do. I need to see the sea soon. I don't know how yet, or when, but it's important and I'm going to find a way to go. Goals can be little, like getting groceries for Betty. But my next big goal is to figure out how to get my butt to the ocean. It'll come. It'll come.

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Susan said...

I am inspired by how positive you are! In spite of having the dreaded "C", you do your homework, research, plan, accept, hope, write this journal, and inspire us readers!

I agree with your goal of seeing the ocean, there is nothing quite as therapeutic as the sand between your toes, looking out at the horizon over the water, hearing the neverending waves on the beach. I hope you achieve this one soon. Have a great week!