Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oldest Living Contractor -- II

Miraculously, he has finished the list. I have a new working fawcet. I have a new storm door that works well and is put together well. I have a new spy hole in the front door to look out and see who is out there before I open the door, as well as a new kickplate that just makes the door look more dressy. The repair of the popcorn ceiling was a failure -- miserable failure -- trying three different products but that's not his fault. The products are the failures as far as I'm concerned. It took a long time but everything got done. They are nice folk, even if they have their idiosyncricies.

I love watching Martha Stewart on TV. She has all these wonderful ideas for domestic perfection. I myself have a high tolerance for cat hair and clutter, so incorporating her domestic perfection into MY life is a pretty dim possibility, but I still like to watch her efforts to get the rest of America to get elegant at home (especially by buying her products). A lot of her ideas can be accomplished just as easily with dollar store items as her expensive collection from Macy's.

If you want to see a picture of love and devotion, here it is. These are the infamous plastic slides that Betty's son gave her and which she has faithfully worn, and worn and worn. She has worn them despite the fact she looked like a bag lady, she has worn them despite the fact that other shoes/slides have been purchased for her, she has worn them despite the fact that she has been "encouraged" not to. I actually got away with TAKING her plastic slides away from her after successfully finding a pair of slides she could accept. I don't know that I'd be any less weird if I outlived my child.

I did some pottery tonight. I couldn't go the last two weeks because I felt too crappy. I am very pleased with the first firing of several items. I'll be interested in seeing how they do after painting and glazing.

Jenn is taking me to the surgeon tomorrow (presuming she doesn't have a baby or go into labor) and we have to leave here at 5:45 AM!!!! Yipes! I am kind of hoping we'll get another ultrasound of Elvira. I'd really like to know that she is shrinking. Tuesday they gave me more meds because my red counts are down, and today my blood work came back, and I got a call for the onc that my potassium is too low. So I have a script for that now. I've been feeling dizzy at times, but on the whole I feel pretty decent, which is a great blessing, but I guess things are effecting my body more and more. Treatment #5 is Tuesday. Blaugh.

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Susan said...

You are really fortunate to find a contractor that actually showed up (more than once!) and did what he was supposed to do. Glad it all worked out.

Looking forward to seeing your pottery creations. We did pottery in high school many moons ago, it was fun!

You are brave to travel with your very pregnant driver today! Good luck with your appointment.

Have a great weekend!