Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blood Check

The nulasta I get makes sure I don't have too few white blood cells. Today when they checked my blood it was considered low on red blood cells, so they gave me some kind of medicine to encourage more red blood cells. Just another shot in my tummy.

Jenn is very tired and very, very pregnant. There are increasing signs that she will be a mommy again soon. I'm pretty much expecting to get a call most anytime.

Tonight we had dinner at a local restaurant that had Santa stop by. Liam and his best friend L. had a fun time visiting with him. Pic to follow.

The oldest living contractor dropped by today and finished the storm door. He's coming back on Thursday to do the last couple items and then we will come to a recononing of the cost. He does excellent work. Doors are hard to align and get to work, and he persisted and worked with the door today until it was satisfactory. I'm glad he wants to do quality work. I appreciate that.

Feeling tired.

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