Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Grinch That Brought Christmas Laughter

Liam got a special present from his Aunt N. and Uncle R. today. Check out the green fellow in the picture. Liam watches the story of the Grinch frequently, and can humm the song with the music. He thought the Grinch was a great and exciting arrival at his house. It's not a good shot of Julianna, but she is marginally in the picture somewhere under the Grinch's butt I think. Good shot of Jenn though!

I had Eric take a picture of Julianna and I together so you all could see that Julianna is the WINNER in the "Who has more hair?" contest! Her baby hair is falling out some and so it will be interesting to see what color hair she gets when it comes in again. Heck, I'll be interested to see what color hair *I* get when it comes in! I'm expecting some fuzz sometime maybe in February. We'll just have to wait and see.

Good luck to S.C. on her trip to Honduras. I hope you can help a lot of folks.

Thanks to Carolyn and Pam for the goodies that Angel Mail brings me, especially around the holidays. You folks are just incredibly nice!

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calypso said...

that baby is smiling already!!! wow!!!