Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chemo Angels

There is a wonderful program that people on chemo can sign up for. I signed up for it but didn't really understand what to expect. What I got were two "Chemo Angels." One sends cards and notes of encouragement and the other sends cards, but also small "presents" that make me look forward to going to the mailbox. Your life on chemo gets VERY small, so the treasure of these two ladies far away from me, living very different lives than mine, is very special.

Well Chemo Angels got even more special this month. I guess there is some kind of multiplication of Chemo Angels that happens for your birthday. Cards on cards are coming from all over the US for my birthday. It's not a blizzard of cards, but it is a generous number of cards that convey care and love across the miles in a way that is very touching to my heart. My birthday is so close to Christmas that under normal circumstances, I'd be running around with so many obligations and so many appointments, and so many responsibilities that I'd be frantic. This year, in my small life, these cards from kind strangers come as a refreshing shower of love. It's fun to look at the return addresses and see the breadth of the program and how wide the "arms" are of the Chemo Angels.

I love my two assigned angels dearly, but the surprise cards from all over the nation is also healing balm for my life as it is this year. Blessings on everyone that sent a card. Your expressions of encouragement and felicitations will surely be returned seven-fold to you in some kind of biblical / karmic way.

Chemo today was uneventful. Five down, one to go. I'm more nauseaus today than I have been previously, but given how much nausea I haven't had, I can not complain. The onc said I could be around Liam and his virus as long as I washed my hands frequently. He said if I was going to get his virus, I'd probably already been exposed during the more critical time, so it's unlikely that being around him now is risky. YEAH! Jewel and Liam's mom was threatening to keep me in exile because of my compromised immune system, and because she loves me and doesn't want me to get sick or have chemo complications.

God bless all those Chemo Angels out there, AND the ones close to me right here at home who feed me and check on me and bless me with friendship and support in so many ways.


Susan said...

What a wonderful program! And more good news that you can still be with your grandchildren even if they are sick.

I think it is wonderful that you feel up to posting here every day. Sometimes I don't post if I am tired or down, but you are always there with news every day, good for you!

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a Chemo Angel, happy to say that I am now
on the giving side. 2006 I was diagnosed with
breast cancer & went through chemo & radiation. My 2 angels were also wonderful, supportive and offered their friendship unconditionally. I am still friends with them.
In 2007, I promised to join Chemo Angels so I can help, encourage & brighten up someone who is going through a difficult time. My assignment just ended, and am looking forward to my next one. I must say it was personally rewarding and one of the
best things I look forward to every day.

Good Luck. Happy New Year. May you have peace, harmony, good health and happiness always.

- Cynthia from Chemo Angels