Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have become an expert on nausea. Not only do I have $520 worth of anti-nausea pills (Zofran). I have compazine (stuff that helps the nausea by putting you to sleep, as best as I can tell. Ditto to the atavan.

I am armed with one of the best burp assistance I've ever found. If you look in the Mexican / Latino section at Wal-mart, they carry a few sodas. One of them is "TopoChico(tm) Mineral Water. I don't know how they add the CO2 in Mexico, but there's more of it in TopoChico than typical American sodas. It's not flavored. It's not special in any other way than it has FIZZY to an amazing degree and when you needto burp, it's the bee's knees!

My TV had decided to crap out (the satellite signal, not the television itself) so my entertainment options are somewhat limited.

I had a one hour, decadent massage today. The massage therapist is very, very good, and she helps rid my system of residual poison by doing a lymphatic drain when she does the massage. Mostly she helps keep the painful muscular kinks and pains under some kind of control so that I don't end up too knotted up.

Tonight I did a heroic rescue. I ran to Wal-mart and got just the right kind of Ben & Jerry's to satisfy a new mother's need for comfort. Mom is doing better.

Jewel is so perfect and beautiful. This family is blessed by her.

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