Monday, December 10, 2007

We Have a Name!

It took a while to meet the little girl and come to know her. After getting to know her, the names chosen are: Julianna Eden Ward McDonald. She will be called Jewel for short. And, she is a jewel. She squeeks like a grocery cart with a squeeky wheel. The whole time she snoozes, nearly, she squeeks. Other people say she sounds more like a puppy. But however you describe it, she's a noisy snoozer.

I got to feel a little needed today, and that made me feel good. One of the side effects of being on chemo is being terribly useless. I can sit very well. Sitting and holding my grandaughter is a very rewarding thing.

Tomorrow is chemo #5. I have ambivilant feelings about it. I'm glad to do it and get one more done and over with, and further kill the tumor. I HATE it because it is really not a fun activity, and the meds screw with my body and even though I've done it before, it still scares the bejebbers out of me. I bought a little picture book and will put pictures of Jewel's birth day in it while I'm getting treatment tomorrow. I have my music to take with me. I've started a new book that's a good read. I will, however, be very glad when treatment #6 is done!

I have to ask the oncologist tomorrow about being able to be around Liam. He has a virus and is supposed to be kept away from the new baby. I'm hoping that won't put me in exile from being around the family. We'll see what the doc says tomorrow.

I am in love with our new little girl's name. I think it is not only lovely, but suits her well. It fits her. Welcome to the world Julianna Eden!


Susan said...

What a great purpose you have! Sitting and holding a granddaughter, I cannot think of a greater purpose.

Enjoy her! Good luck tomorrow with the treatment.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. She is beautiful. Her name does suit her, I agree. How sweet to meet her now.