Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thank God for the Rain

Just a nice, quiet, rainy day in Bremen. The rain is welcome. It made for a cold, dreary day though. I'm achy from the Neulasta and the weather, so just happy to hold the bed down today. I did work on a jewelry project that I can finish tomorrow. It's turning out really pretty, Jenn.

I'm spending time trying to figure out what would be a gift folks would like for Christmas. It's hard this year. If anyone has anything on their "wish" list, now is the time to let me know, because it's all done by computer this year. Jenn, Eric, Christy, Kari........what is whispering in your ear?? What do the kids want? I'm serious. Let me know.

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Susan said...

Yesterday was certainly a good day to stay inside, today too. Stay warm and catch up on your rest. You have a good idea - online shopping - I heard on the news that today is 'Cyber Monday' and a lot of sites are offering deals today for online shoppers. If you find any good ones, let us know!