Monday, November 26, 2007

Frightening Events Too Close to My Loved Ones

There was an incident close to where my daughter and son-in-law both work today. The whole thing sounds like a scenario off a tv show, but had real deadly potential. One of my daughter's patient's was there at the time of the shooting, so that brought everything even closer to home.

I was actually watching the news report of the incident when the doorbell rang. I got up to go see who was at the door, and it was those people I most wanted to see and know were safe. That was a good feeling.

Someone brought me an incredibly huge and beautiful fern today. I have no idea who. It just appeared. It's important to remember in the uncertainty and worry of the world, that good things happen too. Even mysteriously nice things.

Word is out that I'm going to be a grammy again pretty soon. I think the little girl on the inside is getting ready to move toward the light. ;)

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Susan said...

The arrival of a new grandchild is so exciting! When is she expected to arrive?