Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Adventures

Betty on a really, really good day about three years ago.

Today was a pleasure taking Betty to the podiatrist to get her toenails cut. I made the decision about a year ago that love for my ex-MIL stopped at her ankles. So once every three months that means a trip to the podiatrist.

Betty scared me a bit. She took a stitch in her left side that was awful and couldn't get any relief. I was beginning to wonder if she was having heart issues, when she started burping elephant burps like crazy. This wouldn't have been too bad, except the podiatrist was waiting to do her toes and listening to elephant burps. The stitch moved to the other side, and after another round or elphant burps she was fine.

She wanted to go out to eat, but I thought it might be better to go home and get a breathing treatment. Unfortunately she didn't. So, we went to Bilbo's house of BBQ and she seranaded everyone there with the elephant burps. But she was happy to get out for a dinner and seemed to enjoy it. When I got her home she wanted me to stay and visit. Go figure.

Tuesday we get to go to the dermatologist. You just don't want to know why.

I probably don't look so spiffy myself lately. Together we probably look like a couple of bag ladies. We're certainly a matched set when seen out and about, I'm guessing.

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