Tuesday, November 13, 2007

St. Margaret's Day

The church I go to is named after St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland. Her memorial Sunday is this coming Sunday. The reason this is important is because the parish will make a really, really BIG deal about it. There will be bagpipers in the processional and recessional. Those members of Scotish decent that have kilts will come decked out in full regalia. Everyone will wear the red and white tarten fabric that is the Stewart tarten.

I was at Hobby Lobby today and they had some plaid fabric, so I bought 3/4 of a yard to make a kerchief for my bald head this Sunday. (g)
I made dinner for us all today, and have learned that black beans can be substituted for carrots in a stew and it works out. I was a bit afraid it would be more of a mystery meal than a stew, but it worked out fine. Dang but it smells good though!
I had blood work done today, and took a picture to Hobby Lobby for framing, and then ran by Betty's. I'm POOPED! There's a cool beading class in Carrollton tonight, but there's no hope for me to do it. My arms and legs feel like they are weighted down with lead. But, my back feels some better after the massage yesterday.
Today was a double bonus day with Angel Mail. I love the harvest theme on the pot holder above. Me and my family have so, so much to be thankful for this year. We may not til the land or havest anything, but our lives are full of expectation, wonder and excitement as we wait for our new little girl to join us. Liam knows that there is a baby in his mom's tummy, and every now and again, he rubs his own tummy and talks about the baby he has in there. We're all looking forward to meeting her.

Very tired this evening.

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Susan said...

It is great that you can be so upbeat, being thankful for all you have. Keep up the positive thoughts!