Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pain in the Back

I went back to the chiropractor today and got the full treatment so he can feel good about billing my insurance. I am not sure that anything he is doing is beneficial, but it's definitely benign, and what I do get is a once a week massage. Hallelujah!!! THAT is something that really helps my back. It's hurting tonight, so I guess I'll get the heating pad out, but I'm not optimistic about it actually helping.

I went by the school today and was able to release some things I ordered so that they'd go to my collaborative teacher and help him out. I bet he thought it was Christmas in November.

Lastly, my grandson is a condiment aficionado. He loves Ranch dressing and beyond all sane measure he loves ketsup. In fact, he likes ketsup so much he was eating it on his grapes last night. THAT is a dedication to the gustatory pleasure of ketsup beyond my comprehension.


Susan said...

Beautiful card!

I remember when my grandson would eat ketchup on everything, luckily he has outgrown that (he's 13!).

Hope your back feels better. Bundle up, cold weather is on the way.

Cadian H said...

I have never outgrown my LOVE for ketchup. And I hope I never do. Let Liam enjoy this one true luxury in life in peace. For gosh sakes, he's about to have life turned upside down with a little sister! Turner is still trying to give his sister away - and nobody will take her!